Guangdong Times Museum

An Example of Case in the Pearl River Delta Urbanization Process

Registered as a non-profit organization, Guangdong Times Museum opened its doors to the public in October 2010.
Throughout the process of conceptualization, design and completion, the Museum has reflected the unique social, economic and cultural conditions of the Pearl River Delta. It is a special example of case in the urbanization process of the area.

An Intervention into Living Space

The different functional spaces of Guangdong Times Museum are located on different floors of a typical residential building. Its structure is designed to intervene in the living space.
The office area on the 14th floor is converted from 3 residential units. The Museum’s designated elevator goes straight to the exhibition hall on the 19th floor. 
The mezzanine is a reading room open to the public and the basement is used for archives.

The Gate Way to the World of Art

Guangdong Times Museum is dedicated to the researchand presentation of contemporary art and related cultural ideas as well as thepromotion of local, public and interdisciplinary artistic practices andcultural production. By consciously integrating the research, exhibition, exchangeand education of art and culture with the community and discovering thepotential contact points between contemporary art, culture and the public, themuseum not only provides opportunities and inspiration for artistic practiceand cultural production but also opens a window for audiences to approach andinteract with contemporary art and culture.

A platform for Artistic Production and Communication

Guangdong Times Museum is not only a venue for exhibition but also a space for the stimulation of artistic practices andcultural production. It is an active community cultural center and a platform forthe promotion of art development in the area. It is a new type of organizationwhich allows audiences to experience art both in exhibitions and artistic production.It is a base for artists to gather, exchange ideas and acquire support incompleting their works. It is also a research center and a think-tank. 


Supporting Mid-carreer and Emerging Artists

The exhibitions at Guangdong Times Museum are primarily thematic and investigatory group and solo shows. Through experiments which emphasize curatorial concepts and experimental models, its exhibitions respond to the city, the community and the institution context, and provide mid-career and emerging artists with a platform for conversational and productive research.

Prioritizing New Creations

Guangdong Times Museum supports artists to propose new ideas and produce new works within the exhibition frameworks, which further explore the possibilities for interaction between works and space,works and the public, as well as works and the community. 

Encouraging Interdisciplinary Knowledge Production

Guangdong Times Museum encourages artists,designers, architects and cultural producers from different cultural backgrounds to engage in interdisciplinary research, showcasing the dynamic relationships between artistic creation, cultural production and urban public sphere.

Open Studio

Guangdong Times Museum invites artists to create site-specific worksby short-term residency, which breaks with the norm that museums only presentfinished artworks, and introduces the audience into the process of artisticproduction.

Artistsare encouraged to step out of their studios by the supports and resources providedby the museum, in addition to funding and assistance, their art projects areimplemented and recorded in order to support further explorative andthought-provoking artworks. Meanwhile, combining the community and spaces both insideand outside of the museum, the audience can attain access to the thinking andcreative processes of artists by means of exhibitions, lectures, seminars,screenings, workshops and other forms. 

Public Programmes

Guangdong Times Museum provides a variety of artist workshops, presentations and guided toursto the public. Through its exhibition implementation and lab projects, itprovides internship opportunities for art lovers and art school students. Itcollaborates with art academies, small and medium sized art institutions and non-profitorganizations to bring contemporary art into the city and communities. Two ofits annual screening projects: ISAAS (Indie Screening Alliance of Art Space)and the Nordic Documentary Film Festival, as well as a variety of themed screenings,provide film lovers with more opportunities for communication and artisticcreation. Targeting the busy urban elites, the Museum organizes artsappreciation gatherings such as “Art Overtime.”

GuangdongTimes Museum has been organizing its annual community arts festival sinceDecember 2012, aggregating creative ideas and artistic elements in thecommunity, shattering the boundary between museum and community public spaceand shortening the distance between art and audiences.

Theory and Research

HB Station

Huangbian Station is a non-profit art institute affiliated with Guangdong Times Museum. As a research institute which is partof the global contemporary network, Huangbian Station annually recruits 6 to 10researchers who are committed to engaging in discussion on artistic ideas andpractices, and explores idealistic, humanistic and flexible pedagogical modelsbeyond the canons of academic education. It is a site to speak out, an academic platform for self-construction, a lab on relations and concepts, and an arena to respond to the diverse potentialities of social practice.


Publications of Times Museum take on a discursive medium, supplementing to its exhibitions, Open Studio, academic exchanges, public educational events and other activities. By representing,summarizing, sharing and reflecting upon artistic concepts and documenting its various stages, the programmes and corpus of the Museum are disseminated to a wider range of audience.


The Times Museum archive functions both online and offline: the offline archive is stored in the Art Reading Room, collecting video works, visual materials and public events. It is open to eventparticipants, audiences, artists and researchers in relevant fields of study. Theonline archive consists of results of public interactions, and the process ofupdate and work drafting. By periodically upload to the Museum’s official website, the materials are accessible to all internet users.


Para-curatorial series initiated by Guangdong Times Museum, which features an annual seminar and related publication. As a discursive platform where on-site responses are encouraged as an active form of reflection and self-education, it aims at situating the investigation and discussion of contemporary art within a broader social, economic, and cultural context; the curatorial is regarded as multiple forms of thinking, researching, spatial practicing, and knowledge exchanging not restricted to the making of an exhibition. The registration and sharing of multidisciplinary knowledge and practice activates the museum into becoming a temporary coalition comprising a community center, laboratory, and academy.


Art+ Reading Room

The Art Reading Room is located in the mezzanine of the exhibition hall on the 19th floor, and began the process of opening to the public, free of charge, in 2013. offers a rich and unique collection of books, catalogues, art journals and archives on contemporary art and culture, providing research, learn and experience opportunities for academics, students, artists and audiences. 

Art+ Shops

The ground floor of Guangdong Times Museum includes an Art Bookshop,Café and a Art Gift Shop. With the museum’s exclusive arts and products, the shops provide a cultural venue for audiences, the community and the public to relax, study and communicate. There is a variety of cultural activities held occasionally and a children’s area which offers children opportunities to learn and have fun, enriching the form and essence of living arts. 

Times Museum Volunteers

Volunteers Team

Through its on-going volunteer recruitment scheme, Guangdong Times Museum allows more people who are interested in contemporary art to understand contemporary art and museum operations to a greater depth, and hopes to establish a platform for audiences and artists to better communicate. 
“Move with the Times” is the slogan of the Guangdong Times Museum Volunteers. Here, “Times” serves as an acronym for “Team with Innovation, Mutuality, Energy and Spirit”. 
The volunteer scheme is always open for applications from the public. Please log on to the museum’s official website and fill in the application form. We will respond in a timely manner.