Banyan Commune Issue.5 Artist Residency #2:What It Meant to Me Will Eventually Be a Memory

Exhibition Period2017.12.16 -2018.03.31


ArtistHenry Tan

CuratorCathleen Siming Pan


Organiser: Guangdong Times Museum

Special Thanks: Times Property



Bangkok-based artist Henry Tan (nicknamed “Ar Liang”during his time in Guangzhou), has become the first participating artist after the open call for the Banyan Commune Artist Residency. Over the course of his six-week residency, Ar Liang carried out a personal exploration of the museum’s surrounding area in the Huangbian Community by playing badminton with local residents, visiting every corner of HuangBian area, searching for repair shops and trying different restaurant everyday.


Through “Ar Liang’s Fix ‘em All,” a unique repair shop,the artist offering free repair and repurposing services for local in exchange for a story or memory about their items. These stories of neighbors—either fragmentary or profound—were then exhibited through the intimate yet distanced medium of sound, offering a common space of interaction for members of the community.


The Banyan Commune project space was then converted into a high-ceilinged repair store and story-sharing map. In this temporary space of memory storage, through a presentation both sincere and full of human touch,the work gestures to the excessive supply of goods and the seemingly uncontrollable consumption habits within and beyond the community vice versa. The items that were organized for the exhibition were then repaired and returned to their owners after the end of the exhibition.