Gunilla Klingberg: Brand New View - Times Museum Art on Track

Gunilla Klingberg: Brand New View

Times Museum Art on Track



Date: 2016.6.26 – 2016.10.7

Venue: Party Pier Station,Guangzhou Young Tram


Artist:Gunilla Klingberg

Curator: Veronica Wong

Organisers: Guangdong Times Museum    GuangzhouTrams Co., Ltd

Special Thanks: Times Property  


Whether like it ornot, we are living in a modern urban city where consumer culture is ubiquitous inour everyday lives. This makes us raise the question: Has thecity residents pursuit of spiritual life been satisfactorily endedup with a piece of clothing or a best-selling life guidebook?


Guangdong Times Museum, together withGuangzhou Trams Co., Ltd, invites Swedish artist Gunilla Klingberg to continueher Brand New View (2003-series at Party Pier Tram Station, an innovation of artistic visionbeyond consumerism by introducing large-scale oriental mandala-like pattern inthe background of urban landscape along the riverside of the Pearl River, aftershe succeeded exhibiting in Stockholm, Vancouver, Istanbul, Houston as well asthe Banyan Commune at Guangdong Times Museum.


Brand New View is a series ofinstallations with cut-out foil on windows. Employing mandala-like abstractpatterns based on logos from cheap brands more likely to appear on the sink athome, rather than more prestigious brands from luxury goods, Gunilla Klingberg evokes Eastern and NewAge types of abstraction. However, the spiritual in art here has more to do with consumption than with ideas such as WassilyKandinskys about transcendencethrough art. For Times Museum Art on Trackshe has made a new version of Brand New View, this time relying on logosfound in Guangzhou, especiallyalong the Guangzhou Tram route. In Klingbergs installation we are surrounded by seductivelybeautiful and commercially-driven manifestations of abstraction with thepotential to quite literally make us lose orientation. Thus, New Agespiritualitys promise of corporal andspiritual wellbeing merges with everyday consumer culture.


About The Artist


Gunilla Klingberg was born in 1966 inStockholm, where she works. She was educated at Konstfack, University Collegeof Arts, Crafts and Design, and Berghs School of Communication. In 2003 sheparticipated in the Venice Biennial (with Peter Geschwind) and 2007 in theIstanbul Biennial and was included in the Curitiba Biennial, Brazil (2013), the1st Biennial of Art, Nature and Urbanism, Gernika, Bermeo, Spain(2012) and the Biennale for International Light Art, North Rhine-Westphalia,Germany (2010). She has had solo presentations at Malmö Konsthall, Malmö (2014), Rice Gallery, Houston (2013), EastsideProjects, Birmingham (both 2013), Zeppelin University, Friedrichshafen (2009),Bonniers Konsthall, Stockholm (both 2009) and Kiasma, Helsinki (2004) amongothers. Her works have been on view in group exhibitions at CAN - Centre d'artNeuchatel (2012), Moderna Museet, Stockholm, Museo Tamayo Mexico City (both2011), The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design, Oslo (2009), TurnerContemporary, Margate, Arnolfni, Bristol (both 2008) and were included inPhilagraphika, The Graphic Unconscious, Philadelphia (2010). In 2001-2002Klingberg participated in the IASPIS residency programme at KunstlerhausBethanien, Berlin.


About Times MuseumArt on Track

From 2015, Guangdong TimesMuseum has been partnering with Guangzhou Young Tram to build an Art on Track -the first of its kind in China - and let contemporary art get on the move rightin the heart of the city, bringing art into public space and everyday life.Times Museum invites artists and curators to work with everyday urban life astheir text and source of inspiration as they create site-specific artworks,giving riders a unique experience of contemporary art that is joyfully,interactively, dynamic and emotionally laden.


About Guangdong Times Museum

Guangdong Times Museumis funded by Times Property in 2003. During the D-Lab project of 2nd GuangzhouTriennial in 2005, Rem Koolhaas and Alain Fouraux were invited to design aconceptualized permanent building for the Museum, which was completed inSeptember 2010. Registered as a non-profit organization (non-enterprise),Guangdong Times Museum opened its doors to the public in October 2010. Throughoutthe process of conceptualization, design and completion, the Museum has reflectedthe unique social, economic and cultural conditions of the Pearl River Delta.

Public programmes ofGuangdong Times Museum aim at constructing a common platform for knowledgesharing. The museum takes an open attitude towards engaging audiences indialogue on an equal footing, organising diverse, interactive events to shift from the traditional teaching-learning, professional, jargon-filled interpretation of the traditional museum to a guided, inspirational artistic experience,transforming audiences from passive receivers of knowledge to active participants.