True Landscapes and Landscaped Gardens

TrueLandscapes and Landscaped Gardens

Participants: Chen Tong, Guo Hongwei, HuWeiyi, Pi Daojian, Zheng Guogu+Yangjiang Group

Curated by: Ruijun Shen

Exhibition Period: 2016.11.4 - 2016.12.18 10:00-18:00closed on Mondays except for holidays

Venue: 19F,West-Wing Gallery, Guangdong Times Museum

Guangdong Times Museum

Times Rose Garden III, Huangbianbei Road,Baiyun Avenue, Guangzhou (Exit D, Huangbian Station, Line 2 of Guangzhou Metro)

+8620 26272363


ORGANIZED BY  Times Museum



True Landscapes and Landscaped Gardens

Ruijun Shen


Chinese landscaped gardens are rooted inthe ancientslove for nature and Daoist ideas of reclusion. The goal of creatinga garden is to construct a natural landscape in an urban setting, so that onedoes not have to travel far to take in the beauty of nature, understand itswisdom, and attain cultivation of spirit and character. The True Landscapes and Landscaped Gardensproject invites four artists and one historian of Chinese art to visit theXishuangbanna tropical rainforests, Mt. Tai, and Yangzhou. These placesrepresent unadorned nature, nature imbued with cultural imagination, andmanmade nature, respectively.


The tropical rainforest is a highly complexecosystem. There is infinite variety in the strangling, symbiosis andovergrowth between plants, animals and insects. Often the disappearance of onespecies leads to a chain of disappearances and mutations. The tropicalrainforest embodies an infinite, interdependent web of relationships. Comparedto the rainforest, Mt. Tai has more human spectacles. It is the holiest of theFive Sacred Mountains. Ascending this mountain is a process of seeking thepath. The diversity and complexity of natural ecosystems cannot be matched byartificial systems. Chinese landscaped gardens attempt to draw the overlappingrelationships of nature into limited space. The goal is to create a chaotic,overlapping, contradictory and meandering realm that is also broad and open.This is the result of the Chinese people's respect for the ways of nature.


In this exhibition, we attempt to bring theperceptions of artists as they wander through nature back into the art museumspace, creating a space of artistic wandering that is at once open and closed,that one can look up to and down upon, that can be seen and also reached. Theexhibition will present the research by Pi Daojian on Chinese landscape and theaesthetic of garden, as well as the participant artists, Chen Tong, ZhengGuogu+Yangjiang Group, Guo Hongwei and Hu Weiyi’s commission artwork.  The mediums of the exhibited work includepainting, installation and interactive video.


Through an experience of wandering, True Landscapes and Landscaped Gardenshopes to bring about a new garden of artistic enlightenment.