Experiences with Pervasive Media

Date & Time:2017.4.8, 15:00-17:00
Venue:Multi-functional Hall, 1F, Guangdong Times Museum
Guest Speaker: Dr. Tim Kindberg
*Workshop will be conducted in English with Chinese consecutive translation

'Pervasive Media' comes from Pervasive Computing, also known as Ubiquitous Computing, which is an area of Computer Science 
spanning several decades. In a world saturated with mobile phones and other mobile devices, wireless networks, and sensors 
embedded in our buildings, streets and homes, Pervasive Computing has sought to enhance the way that computer functionality 
is provided to us - to integrate it with the physical world, beyond our PCs and laptops. Many applications of Pervasive Computing 
are commonplace by now.
Pervasive Media uses the same technologies to a different, this time artistic purpose: to create digital experiences integrated 
with our physical and social circumstances. A simple example is a story that is played to you in short episodes, each triggered by 
a place you visit - a place to which the story relates.  
In the workshop we will examine some of the work carried out at Bristol's Pervasive Media Studio. In particular, the presenter will 
describe and demonstrate his own projects in which he explores what it means for people to act together with mobile video, to 
create and play collections of videos.

Speaker Profile
Dr. Tim Kindberg is a computer scientist, creative technologist and writer, and founder at social 
video platforms Vorb ( and Nth Screen (  He is based at the 
Pervasive Media Studio (, which is a unique shared space for artists, 
technologists and academics in Bristol, UK. He has been visiting professor at the University of Bath 
and ITU Copenhagen. He has 16 years’ experience of industrial R&D in mobile and pervasive 
computing, including 4 years in Silicon Valley and 6 years recently working as an independent. He 
counts multidisciplinary collaboration among his most rewarding projects. He has worked with 
filmmakers, interactive theatre makers, choreographers and writers.