Lookout by Andy Field

I think it's an opportunity to reflect on the city in a different way than perhaps they used to doing, 

where there aren't really right or wrong answers, 

where they are invited to imagine what the future will be like 

and to recognize that imagining can have value.


                                                   ——Andy Field

Date2017.11.25-26(SAT-SUN), 2017.12.02-03 (SAT-SUN)

Time10:15-10:45    11:00-11:30     11:45-12:15   14:45-15:15    15:30-16:00     16:15-16:45

Venue: 19th Floor, Guangdong Times Museum

Artist:  Andy Field

Organiser: Guangdong Times Museum

Partners: British Council, Spirit of Youth

Support: Times Rose Garden Primary School

Special Thanks: Times Property



Created in collaboration with local primary schoolchildren, Lookout is a one-to-one encounter between one adult audience member and one child performer taking place somewhere high up overlooking the city.  Together the performer and the audience member look out at the city and imagine its future. The conversation they share is a quiet journey through the past, present and future guided by the streets and landmarks laid out before them. It is an exchange between two people who might not normally meet, about a future world they may or may not share.


Lookout is an attempt to consider big questions in a small way. Developed through a series of workshops with local children, each new version of the piece is unique to the city it is created in and the people who call that place home. In order to make the Guangzhou version of Lookout, Andy worked with a group of children over the course of several weeks. They did a series of workshops together where they thought about things like ecology, architecture, the future of cities, robotics technology. Through that process, the children collectively imagine these future versions of their city, and they will explore with the audiences two very different versions of the city they both inhabit. An exchange between two people who might not normally meet, about a future world they may or may not share.

Artist Profile

Andy Field, a theater artist, curator, co-director of Forest Fringe, PhD of University of Essex, in which he conducts a research about the relationship between the contemporary performance art and the Avant-Garde art practices of the 60's-70's New York. He creates encounter between strangers in a variety of locations, both inside and outside of theatres. Andy’s work invites us tore-consider our relationship with others and the relationship between us and the world we inhabit. His works have been presented across the UK and internationally by organizations including the Southbank Centre (London), the Natural History Museum (London), Mayfest (Bristol), Culturgest (Lisbon), BIOS(Athens), FOLA (Melbourne), Festival B:om(Seoul), New Visions Festival (Hong Kong) and Abrons Arts Centre (New York).


Cooperated by Guangdong Times Museum and British Council, Lookout is supported by The Spirit of Youth campaign in the UK. The Spirit of Youth campaign is an exciting new initiative in 2017, brought to you by the UK government including the British Council and Visit Britain.Spirit of Youth is a China-wide campaign aiming to inspire the next generation of leaders in China and the UK and to promote deeper collaboration and exchange.