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Venue Rentals

                                                      1. Multi-Functional Hall at 1st Floor

                                                      2. Art + Cafe  at  Mezzanine Floor 

                                                          3. Terrace  at  19th Floor 

                                                    4. Main Exhibition Hall  at  19th Floor 

                                                     5. East,West Exhibition Hall  at  19th Floor 

                                                        6. Art + Reading Room  at  18th Floor 

Thank you for supporting Guangdong Times Museum, we look forward to become partnership with you and provide venue support. We welcome your presence.

Guangdong Times Museum strengthened different kinds of events under the capacity of venue. Agreement will be concluded ands igned for protection of legal right. Your support is our motive power of popularizaiton for art.  


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We appreciate your concern and support!