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Volunteers Recruitment of Times Museum

Times Museum is a non-profit institution caters to the public, which was founded by the Times Property and designed by Rem Koolhaas and Alain Fouraux during the D-Lab project in the 2nd Guangzhou Triennial. Times Museum persists on academic independence and aims at reaching beyond canonical programming to nurture creative process and cutting-edge practices in the area of art, design and architecture. As an intervention of the living space, it endeavors to discover the potential “contact zone” between contemporary art and the public through the tight integration between various exhibitions and academic communication,as well as of art education and community service by a conscientious effort and, by that means, Times Museum could, on one hand provide potential opportunities and inspirations for artistic production, and on another hand,promote public awareness towards contemporary art and the production process of artists.

We hope to let more students and members of community interested in contemporary art look into contemporary art and the operation of the museum, and to build up a communication platform for the audiences and artists through volunteer service.

Volunteer Qualifications:
1. At least 18 years of age, with a passion for contemporary art; responsible and enthusiastic.
2. Willingness to observe the designated volunteer times and basic duty hours.
3. Certain language communication capacity and basic English communication ability.
4. Able to complete the education and training courses at the Museum;willingness to meet the requirements of tasks assigned and accept the Museum’s recommendations on service requirements.

5. Courage to put forward suggestions on improving the Museum’s service, and to bring new inspiration for the development of the Museum.


Volunteer Obligations:
1. Volunteers must sign a "Volunteer Service Agreement", and agree to comply with the provisions and regulations during their term of service.
2. Volunteers should safeguard the reputation of the Museum and the volunteer team, and extend the social influence of volunteer service.

3. Volunteers should keep in touch with the volunteer management department and be active to get involved in the Museum’s exhibitions and activities.
4. Volunteers are required to attend training and education courses, and to conscientiously learn relative knowledge and skills.

5. Volunteers must not conduct illegal activities or be engaged in activities for commercial purposes in a volunteer capacity.


Volunteer Benefits:
1. The Museum will provide dietary and transportation allowance for volunteers, the calculating method is referred to the “Volunteer Service Agreement”.

2. Volunteers have the priority to attend the Museum’s lectures and other public education activities in the term of service.

3. Volunteers may consult the Museum’s materials free of charge in the term of service.

4. Those who volunteer over 100 hours may apply for the volunteer service certificate from the volunteer management department and will receive a Museum’s complimentary catalog.

5. Distinguished volunteers may be recommended to get an internship in various departments of the Museum.  

Volunteer Services Responsibilities:
1. Exhibition duty; assist and provide services to Museum patrons
2. Exhibition installation support, assist curators and artists.
3. Exhibition guided tour (assessment and training required).

4. Support and assist in educational activities

5. Reception services for the artists and activities.
6. Other administrative support for data processing.


Volunteer Service Hours:
1. With actual times and hours to be determined according to individual preferences and circumstance, those who can fix a regular service time will have a prior consideration. 
2. Volunteer hours must exceed 100 hours per annum.
3. Volunteer status will be revoked for those whose absences from their assigned shifts exceed the accumulative twice.

Volunteer Recruitment Process:
1. Read the volunteer recruitment information carefully.

2. Fill the application form below.
3. Qualified applicants may receive our notice of interview; those who pass the interview will officially become Times Museum Volunteers.

4. Times Museum will provide long-term recruitment for volunteers; we welcome people from a wide cross-section of society to join our volunteer service team.

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